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Few industries change at the rate the ski industry does.  Every season there is a new concept or philosophy on how to create the perfect ski.  One of the key questions is how long it should be.  In recent years the trend has been toward shorter skis as the ski industry has followed the lead of snowboarding, and has reinvented itself to be more fun.

Several decades ago, the ideal ski length was the height of your hand when you held it above your head.  This now seems ludicrous as skis have gotten progressively shorter.

Short skis are easier to turn than long ones and this makes the experience much more enjoyable.  However, skis need to be long enough to support their rider; if they are too short they are unstable.  The trick is to find the balance between easy to turn and support.

As many people have no idea where to start when shopping for skis online, I created the calculator above.  It is designed to take your personal details into account and then provide you with a starting point.

Some skiers still prefer long skis (these people are usually nostalgic for the old days when turning a ski was, in and of itself, a major accomplishment).  Others prefer short skis as they want to make quick snappy turns with ease.

The best advice I can give you is to take the number the calculator above offers and then if you absolutely must, adjust the number based on your personal preference.  Note that the calculator takes into account your preferred type of skiing.  So if you predominantly ski powder, it adds length.  See below for more on this.

Skis are usually offered with a 7 cm differential, though this can vary slightly.  So if a ski is offered in a 160 cm, it will most likely also be available as a 167.  There will never be a model of ski that is offered with a 1 cm differential.  If there was, the difference would be negligible.

So use the calculator to find your length, then find a ski that you like (I recommend some based on my personal experience) . If that ski does not come in that specific length, just size it down to the one that is closest (unless your have personal preference and experience that would make you choose otherwise).

Why does the calculator ask for my preferred camber?

The camber of your skis indicates the type of skiing you predominantly do.  If you are unsure what this means, choose ‘Regular Camber’.

‘Twin tip but regular camber’ indicates that you will spend most of your ski days in the park or in powder.  As these skis rise slightly early at the back, they tend to be a little longer than regular camber skis.

‘Reverse Camber’ skis are usually designed for powder and are longer to add surface area.  This helps the ski float through the powder.

If you have any questions about the calculator, feel free to email me.